I hate Sundays. They’re the worst day of the week, even worse than Monday. They say it’s a two day weekend but really it’s only one day – Saturday.

Sunday is the day that you prepare for the week. It’s a write-off. Odds are you’re doing chores, laundry and the like. You’re probably meal planning and grocery shopping. You’re already thinking about the week, about work.

Saturday was a great day. We got the dog out for a bunch of walks. The weather was glorious for this time of year, warm and sunny. The last of the snow melted, leaving everything brown and ripe for spring.

And then it flips to Sunday. I could hear the wind howling outside. I was aware that we might get snow today but I was optimistic that it would just be a dusting that would melt away as the day wore on.

As I drag myself out of my warm and inviting bed, I can feel a chill. I open the blinds and there it is. Snow. A lot of snow. Not the type of snow that will disappear in the afternoon. Snow.

This is the price you pay for living in southern Alberta. The weather is unpredictable. But it makes Sunday that much harder. Ugh. It makes me want to hole up in the house, preferably in my bed, with my new book for book club. But there are things to be done, chores and grocery shopping.

So I’ll do my best not to be cranky and sullen. I’ll get all of the things done but with a little less pep and energy. Damn you mother nature. Damn you.

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