I was sitting on the couch watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race when I got the text from my sister.

Wanna do Mudgirl with me?

I was immediately all at once horrified and excited. Mudgirl is a race solely for women and girls. It entails obstacles and lots of mud to crawl and trudge through. It sounds like a ton of fun but also a lot of physical exertion which my body is not accustomed to.

I texted back ‘I’m fat’, which my sister didn’t even acknowledge. She simply sent the date and the location.

I can’t say no to my sister, this is going to be quality time together even if she leaves me in the dust, or rather, the mud. She’s been working out for months and has the stamina and muscle to do this race. I however, have 5 months to try and whip this chubby flab of fat into good enough shape not to totally be embarrassed and die of a heart attack.

My mom agrees to do the run and I ask the Bear who also decides to join in. 3 generations of Sachko women. We’ve chosen the name Golden Gurls (Girls was already taken).

  • I’m clearly Blanche Deveraux. Sassy and the sensuous (in my mind at least).
  • Sophia is Rose Nyland. Naïve and innocent.
  • My sister is Sophia Patrillo, an old soul full of sarcasm and piss and vinegar.
  • And my mom gets to be Dorothy because she is always the voice of reason, the straight shooter.

We’re essentially a gang now.

This is the impetus I needed. The kick in the pants (like I didn’t have a million already) that I needed to get on track, eat healthy, exercise.

I packed veggies for my breakfast today and a piece of cheese. I’m drinking green tea and water. I almost wish I had a scale to see where I’m starting from. Actually, no. I don’t. It would be too depressing, and I’d immediately feel defeated.

I tell Sophia that we’ll be working out together. She’s skinny which would make people think she’s in shape, but she has horrible cardio and stamina, so we’ll need to work on that. She rolls her eyes but agrees to help me through this. I’ll need help. I’ll need someone to slap the chocolate/sugary things out of my hands and tell me it’s for my own good.

The Airdrie Legacy Run to End Family Violence is in May. I think I’ll sign Sophia and I up. We can do a combo of walking and running. It sounds like a good start for us and it’s for a good cause.

So this is yet another start, another attempt to lose weight and be healthy. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that I stick with it. I’ll be posting about my progress and any regressions I might have, should make for some funny posts.

P.S. A coworker offered me some chocolate yesterday and I turned it down. They asked if I wanted some and I blurted out, ‘I like healthy!’. Hahahahaa. Small steps.

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