Camp Hoo-Ha

I attended an admin assistant conference in 2020 before the pandemic shut everything down. I don’t remember any of the guest speakers or the topics discussed with one exception. Camp Hoo-Ha. I know, the name sounds ridiculous and dirty and well….it kind of is (take a look at the logo, it is hilarious).

The ladies presenting were so animated and so engaging and the premise of the ‘camp’ was absolutely genius.

To take from their website (, this club of amazing women come together to reignite the nostalgia, memories and shenanigans of childhood camp days. Essentially, women come together for a series of skill-building events designed specifically for women. Skills include learning to survive in the wild to baking, mastering power tools to mixing the perfect cocktail. AND YOU EARN BADGES!

More than building skills, this group brings like-minded women together to form a sense of community and provide a safe space for women to be…well…women. Every event includes food, wine, a speaker, a craft and real badges just like in Brownies (similar to Scouts).

I was immediately hooked. I wanted to go to all their events and attend their camps (real-life adult women camping together). How had I not heard of this before? It sounded hilarious and fun and a great way to get out of the house. I was pumped! I bought one of their shirts and couldn’t stop telling everyone I I knew about this crazy camp. I couldn’t wait to go to an event.

And then Covid hit two weeks later and everything was shut down. And Camp Hoo-Ha faded into the background, slipping out of my memory.

Until this week!

 An acquaintance at work asked if I was going to be attending the same admin assistant conference this year and I noted that I wouldn’t be. She then mentioned Camp Hoo-Ha being at the previous one and that she was attending an event at the end of April. Yes! Go on…you have my attention!!

The event is called Skivvies and entails a fun and saucy evening with a special camp counsellor from a specialty bra company, talking about body positivity and bra fittings for all sizes, bra care, lingerie and more! They promise big laughs and plenty of hooha fun.

I was immediately just as excited as when I first heard about this group and decided to look it up and check out the price. The only thing was that it was a weeknight, on a Wednesday, when I normally play DnD with my nephew. Plus, I’d be driving into Calgary and leaving the Bear and the dog at home. I felt instant guilt that I wanted this. I wanted it so bad.

I texted Darren and told him the price and my concerns. He assured me that we could easily reschedule DnD and that Sophia would be fine for a few hours with the dog, it wasn’t a big deal. He was right and he was adamant that I should do this. Do something for myself.

So, I booked it. I texted Darren that the deed was done, and he mentioned that he hoped that they would bring back the camps (not just the evening events). ‘Sooooo it just so happens that they have a two-day camp’, I mention. It’s at Heritage Park the weekend of May 21 and it looks incredible. It was a bit pricey, but Darren again felt strongly that I should go. It would be a late (4 years) birthday gift, or really, an early 44th birthday gift. Either way, I booked it. I BOOKED IT!

This is major you guys. I don’t do things like this for myself. I don’t get my hair or nails done. I don’t go on wine tour trips with girlfriends, I don’t belong to any clubs. It’s hard to spend money on myself and not feel guilty about it.

But here I am, diving into something that I know is going to fill my bucket, feed my soul. Quirky and spirited women; who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Bring on the badges!!!

2 responses to “Camp Hoo-Ha”

  1. I know this is an older post but wow that sounds like so much fun. I wonder if you went and how you liked it? Maybe I should scroll through and see if you wrote about it 🤔 😀😀.


    1. I have loved every Camp Hoo Ha event I’ve ever gone to! I do write more about it…


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